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    Innova A/c 6+1&7+1 seat option
    Ertiga A/c  & Tavera A/c 6+1seat option
    Etios A/c  &Swift  Dzire A/c 4+1seat option
    4 hrs - 40km Rs.1000/-
    8hrs - 80km        Rs.1950/-
    Extra km Rs 14/-
    Extra hrs Rs.200/-
    Outstation services  
    12hrs  200km     Rs.2950/-
    4 hrs - 40km Rs.850/-
    8hrs -  80km        Rs.1600/-
    Extra km Rs 12/-
    Extra hrs Rs.170/-
    Outstation services  
    12hrs  200km     Rs.2650/-
    4 hrs - 40km Rs.700/-
    8hrs - 80km        Rs.1600/-
    Extra km Rs 11/-
    Extra hrs Rs.160/-
    Outstation services  
    12hrs  200km     Rs.2350/-
    Indigo A/c 4+1seat option
    Indica A/c 4+1 seat option
    Traveller  A/c 12+1 seat
    4 hrs -   40km Rs.700/-
    8hrs -   80km        Rs.1500/-
    Extra km Rs 10/-
    Extra hrs Rs.150/-
    Outstation services  
    12hrs  200km     Rs.2250/-
    4 hrs - 40km Rs.700/-
    8hrs - 80km        Rs.1400/-
    Extra km Rs 10/-
    Extra hrs Rs.150/-
    Outstation services  
    12hrs  200km     Rs.2150/-
    8hrs  - 80km        Rs.2250/-
    Extra km Rs 17/-
    Extra hrs Rs.270/-
    Outstation services  
    12hrs  200km     Rs.3600/-

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Above rates are inclusive of chauffeur including vehicle rent, fuel, halting charges and driver bata..
    2. For Outstation trip minimum charge is for 200 Kms/150 kms. Per day or actual run which ever is higher
    3. Mileage and time are noted from Garage to Garage. The duty slip carried by driver will be signed by user and presented along with bill for payment. Bill will be presented on immediate/weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis
    4. Toll, Parking interstate permit extra and to be paid by the customer.
    5. Trivandrumtaxi shall not be responsible to the customer for any loss of any kind of materials.
    6. Duty time for Driver doing packages will be 12 hours, 1 day means 12 hours.
    7. The above mentioned rates may vary depending on the market rate with out prior notice.
    8. If any break downs vehicle will get replaced, and it will take time to replace depends upon location. Customer will be responsible for all his personal expenses, like taking hotel , restaurant, auto / taxi.
    9. All balance payment to be paid to the driver while he request.
    10. All telephonic conversation are recorded to avoid future misunderstanding.


    Traveller  a/c 16+1 seat
    8hrs -   80km        Rs.2500/-
    Extra km Rs 18/-
    Extra hrs Rs.300/-
    Outstation services  
    12hrs  200km     Rs.3800/-